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BetaVest is an investment technology firm founded in 2000 by registered financial advisors and IT professionals that is dedicated to streamlining the process of client management and of dynamic asset allocation utilizing advanced financial simulation systems.​

Unlike other software firms, BetaVest bases all of its products on the reality of investing rather than the misconceptions that have come to be accepted as fact in the financial industry.

We have modeled our products on a combination of years of industry experience both in the financial and software development industries, and we have gathered input and feedback from financial advisors and product managers at every level. The response is clear, BetaVest products not only make sense, but fill a huge void between the Advisor's ability and the Client's expectation.


We encourage you to try out our products or attend one of our seminars and see how BetaVest can help you close more business and retain more satisfied clients.




clearPATH Online is our cloud-based, financial planning tool that will change the way you interact with clients. It clearly communicates the ultimate purpose of a retirement income plan, which is the impact of cashflow, asset allocation, and sequence of returns.

Experience the difference and try clearPATH Online today.


Both of our multimedia presentations are available to stream online for select susbcribers.  Login to the desired presentation below to start viewing (please note that the password is case-sensitive).


Forget your login or don't have one?  Call or email us today to retrieve it or find out how to get one.

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